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From retail franchises, restaurants and spas, to renovation of homes, Indesign interior’s design to concept process is detailed and the finished work, spark engagement and action by everyone who steps into your space.


We strongly believe in exceptional creativity and our team of designers specialize in creating spaces with a different twist by making each project unique on its own.

We aim to build strong lasting relationships with our clients through after service care services and also presenting potential franchising opportunities for our clients by ensuring that the design standards of their brand is kept consistent throughout their business growth.

Our services

Our variety of services which include:

Commercial office design

Retail design

Residential design

Revolve around our core mission which is:


I M A G I N E  .  D E S I G N  .  C R E A T E




Through the vision of the client, our design team comes up with a preliminary presentation that entails a compilation of the client’s vision and a bit of the designer’s touch so as to give an outline of what is expected within the overall design.

This is the exciting and interactive stage where vision comes to life and you as the client gets to see your vision slowly take shape.


How do we do this you ask?

Well with the use of top of the art Design software and the combination of our great creative minds, we work together to produce a vision that will help and guide the client and project managers what is to be done in the implementation stage.

All the hard work and the ideas come to life at this stage. Your vision as the client comes to life as the designs are brought to life through the execution. Here the project managers ensure, Quality,


Time and Scope are adhered to religiously so that we can deliver a space that will make people ask “ who did that?” and we ensure that you are involved throughout the process and even go further by providing after service care.


Want to know if our work lives up to the standards we promise?

Well take a look...

revitalize spa, Raddison Blu.

La Wadrobe, Two Rivers

Our team

We have a dynamic team that has a unity in passion and enthusiasm towards their work.


 A great combination of creative young minds who can understand your ideas and well-seasoned project managers, who work hard and ensure that each project is well executed from conception to completion with constant client involvement throughout the project life cycle and in the end bring out high-quality results.

Westlands Commercial Centre,

Opposite 9 west

P.O Box 939, 01000 Nairobi- Kenya.


+254 713 808 646, +254 722 463 461,

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